10 Reasons You Could Use an Executive Coach

10 Reasons You Could Use a Coach

10 Reasons You Could Use a Coach

If they’re taking bets on which “you” will show up in a meeting: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde…you could use a coach.

With a combination of tongue-in-cheek and a dose of reality, here are 9 more reasons an executive coach could help you become a truly great and fulfilled leader. As you read them, they may cause you to reflect on your own actions, maybe some bad habits you have fallen into… or picked up, or some things you used to do, and need to start doing again. At a minimum, you will probably recognize some of these traits in leaders around you.

  1. If you have mastered faking sincerity…you could use a coach
  2. If the sweetest sound in the world is your own voice…you could use a coach
  3. If you no longer believe in the tooth fairy or Bernie Madoff but still believe in “work hard and you will be rewarded”…you could use a coach
  4. If you believe that introspection is for wimps…. “why change?… it got me this far” …..“I am who I am”…you could use a coach
  5. If it is frustrating to have to pretend you are listening to someone before you can tell them what to do…you could use a coach
  6. If too often you think “Hello! I’m speaking! Is anybody listening? What’s wrong with you people?”…you could use a coach
  7. If you find yourself continually interrupting others with questions and better ideas….you could use a coach
  8. If you have not had a “Performance Improvement Review” with at least one employee in the last 6 months…you could use a coach
  9. If you believe that relationships trump processes every time…you could use a coach
  10. Think of anything you might want to modify in your behavior?

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