5 More Reasons You Could Use An Executive Coach

You COuld Use An Executive Coach

You Could Use An Executive Coach

Here are some more semi-tongue-in-cheek one-liners on why you or someone you know could use an executive coach. Recognize anyone? Even you sometimes?

1. If others think you graduated from the Tony Soprano School of Leadership (and even worse if you’re proud of it)…you could use a coach
2. If you think: “I really am interested in what you are saying even though I am texting during your presentation”…you could use a coach
3. If you ever wondered why your butt was covered with rashes and then you realize it’s from being kissed all day…you could use a coach
4. If there is an office betting pool on what you will do today that doesn’t match what you say…then you could use a coach
5. If nothing seems to get done right without you being involved…you could use a coach

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