And how are you today?

I remember a few years back I was in Philadelphia getting re-certified on some assessments I use with my executive coaching clients. It was early Sunday morning in March not yet even 6 AM. Outside it was dank, dark, and depressing. I was tired and maybe even a little hung over. It seemed I was the only passenger in the airport.

It was not long after 9/11 and there was a solitary security guard sitting at a high podium way out in front of the security lines. I walked up and she asked me how I was today. I managed to say something to the effect: “Alright, could be better”.

Somewhere in my politeness gene I remembered to ask her, “And how are you today?”

She replied, “Wonderful…. now that you are here”.

Wow. Can you imagine how I felt?  It just perked me up. I involuntarily smiled… both inside and outside. It made my day!

She said it with such honesty and conviction.

Who have you made feel good today? It doesn’t take a lot  to motivate someone. Despite what we think or they say, people…..employees, peers, bosses, clients, vendors,friends….like to be appreciated for what they do and who they are. And…. it doesn’t take expensive gifts or bonuses to be effective. Not that they don’t have their place.

Try it today with someone in your organization who could be having a tough time with a project or task. Look for how you can “make someone’s day” every day. Notice how good it makes you feel. Oh….and by the way, boosts morale and productivity.

And …btw….I am so glad you are here.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Good post! I agree that it doesn’t always take money to show someone you appreciate them. When I worked as sales support for 30 sales reps it was always the emails or cards saying “Thank you!” sent to me that made me feel most appreciated…and in the end made me work even harder to please those people.

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