4 Things You Need To Tell Your Boss Monthly

The business world is moving faster than ever. It is more ambiguous. Knowledge has an ever shortening shelf life. Information changes in a nanosecond.

How often I would get caught up in my job…doing what needed to be done to exceed all expectations… putting out fires, motivating employees, creating loyal customers…bringing exceptional value to my company. So what if I didn’t keep telling my boss what I was doing or trying to suck up to him like some others? I had important things to do for the company. He knew I was working hard… doing great things. He didn’t need me to keep reminding him. Or did he?

You need to know on a timely basis the health of critical plans and their impact on the financial results. Your boss and the board need to know. Without it they are left to creating their own opinions of how well things are going and what needs to be done… including how well you are doing your job. The health of the business depends on timely… relevant… information. Your leadership image and career depends on you providing relevant updates to your boss on a timely basis.

The Challenge: Just the Right Amount Of The Right Information At The Right Time

The challenge is to determine what information is important.
Too much information is as bad as too little. Most leaders and boards don’t have time…and won’t take it… to read through pages of details or listen to drawn-out explanations. Like Sgt Friday on that old detective series Dragnet they want “Just the facts”.

The 4 Things You Need to Tell Your Boss

Put your self in the board’s seat. [Read more...]

5 Biases That Can Derail Your Plans

These Biases can derail your plansHave you ever found yourself near work and realize that it is Saturday and out of habit you were mindlessly headed there? Or have you “been on a roll” when everything just seems to be going right say, in Vegas or with your favorite team or winning all those deals? Or your significant other or a friend starts telling about an problem they have and you immediately “know” the solution since that “same thing” happened to you?

In each of these situations you are making biased decisions. [Read more...]

Mike Tyson on Planning

Have You got a Backup Plan?

What's your Plan B?

Despite his outrageous and controversial behavior, Mike Tyson wisely observed “everyone has a plan B until they get hit.”
He should know. Of 50 professional fights he won 44 with knock outs. Tyson was the first heavyweight boxer to hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles simultaneously.

Having a plan is important. However, having a process for what you will do when things go awry is crucial. [Read more...]