Are You A Victim Or A Survivor? It’s Your Choice.

Victim or Survivor? It's Your Choice.

Are You a Victim Or a Survivor?

On Sunday I ran my first marathon at the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I had started training six months previously and had reached a 20 mile run. Then I ran into problems (no pun intended) and several times I seriously considered abandoning this marathon:
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10 Reasons You Could Use an Executive Coach

10 Reasons You Could Use a Coach

10 Reasons You Could Use a Coach

If they’re taking bets on which “you” will show up in a meeting: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde…you could use a coach.

With a combination of tongue-in-cheek and a dose of reality, here are 9 more reasons an executive coach could help you become a truly great and fulfilled leader. As you read them, they may cause you to reflect on your own actions, maybe some bad habits you have fallen into… or picked up, or some things you used to do, and need to start doing again. At a minimum, you will probably recognize some of these traits in leaders around you.
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Stop Procrastinating. Start Doing. Take 5 Minutes Now.

Stop Procratinating. Start Doing. Now.

Take 5 Minutes to Start Getting what you Want.

No matter what happens this year what is the one thing that you will absolutely make sure you accomplish? The one thing that will make you better, healthier, safer or more fulfilled. We all have something that we want for ourselves. [Read more...]