Hey Leader. We’re Watching You.

Hey Leader. What's Happening?

Hey Leader. What's up?

A few years back a business colleague (let’s call him Pat)¬†who is an executive at a leading global hi-tech company had to reduce his head count by 20 %. This was an uncommon occurrence in this company.

A couple of months, later on a Monday morning, Pat’s in his office slugging through customer support issues. He gets up and walks down the aisle that passes the cubicles of his technical support staff. He grabs a coffee and walks back to his office, all the while noodling about these issues he is trying to resolve.

No sooner is he back in his office, than one of his directors comes in and closes the door.

He says “Are you planning another downsizing?”

Pat says “No. Not at all. Why would you ask?”

The director replies “Well when you walk around the office, would you please not look so unhappy or worried. Everyone thinks there’s another lay-off coming!”

Are you unintentionally sending the wrong message to your employees?

We communicate in multiple ways. What we say is important but it only accounts for 15% of the message. How we say something…the tone and volume…. and our body language contribute the other 85% of the message.

Employees watch and interpret your actions as well as your words. If your words are saying one thing and your tone and posture is saying some else then at best you are sending a mixed message …..and at worst you may be causing confusion, de-motivation and mistrust. You may be impacting productivity and morale.

Hey Leader. We’re watching you. What’s up?

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