At Outcomes we collaborate  with experienced professionals in their fields who complement our experience and knowledge to provide what our clients want. Here are some of our trusted partners.


Business Relationships Coach

Nancy Feth is a certified Coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to bring clarity and structure to their organizational relationships. Through her coaching she coaches leaders in using powerful techniques and processes to help them create more effective teams through relationship building and conflict resolution.

Coaching since 2005 Nancy helps clients build powerful strategic plans through identifying and aligning around their company vision. Her greatest strength is in creating environments that foster trust and open communication particularly when transition or turnaround is needed.

Nancy has State of the Art Training

Nancy received her training through The Coaches Training Institute, The Center for Right Relationship and Team Coaching International.  She has advanced training with The Center for Transformational Presence. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. Nancy’s business background includes front line experience in the field of industrial design and in sales and marketing.

Her company Inspire Connection focuses on relationship coaching. Nancy is also a certified Compass Coach and representative and helps people create dramatic shifts in their lives through on line and group coaching programs. Working within a holistic model of wellness that embodies the mind, body, and spirit, Nancy coaches clients to be more effective and have fun doing it! 

Media Appearances

WCVB TV/HD Channel 5 News, Boston, MA Career Coaching

Blogtalk Radio with Dawn Quesnel “Relationships, Completing with Honor” Relationship Coaches 2/24/10 WTKK 96.9 FM Boston Talks, The Natural Health Show, Segment 4

Marilou Seavey

A Master NLP Trainer and Coach Who Works With Global Clients

Marilou Seavey, is a Master NLP Trainer and NLP Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) who facilitates personal and professional change worldwide. She assists people from all walks of life with the interior design of their lives-redefining who they are and getting them on track and “on purpose”.

Her clients include Fortune 500 executives, small business owners, senior political advisors, diplomats, entertainers, and educators. She has a special ability to create an ideal atmosphere for growth whether she is working with individuals, seminar groups, company teams, or large audiences. Her passionate belief is that she can help people free up something powerful inside themselves-and that it is easier than they think.

She is highly respected internationally for her ability as a trainer and her knowledge of the mind. Her skillful presentations and deep understanding of the inner workings of the human mind provide her audience with the ideal atmosphere for learning. She focuses on pragmatic and useful applications for people in their business and everyday lives. Marilou’s work in the field of human potential and her study of NLP for over 25 years has formed the basis of her life’s work. As president, MindBridge International NLP Training Institute, Marilou has been instrumental in creating and developing NeuroShift™, which addresses facilitating rapid change. She has also designed unique “personal retreats” that are especially effective in her intensive work with clients from all over the world.

Strong Credentials

Marilou holds her Trainers’ Certification from NLPU, the premier NLP research and development institute. Her NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certifications were received from the Massachusetts Institute of NLP. Success Magazine UK featured Marilou in an article highlighting “Who’s Who in NLP”. She is a regularly interviewed guest on Vibrant Living Radio, an Internet and satellite radio station.

Malcolm Nicholson

Middlesex, UK
Malcolm Nicholson is a leadership and executive coach, who works with business leaders – individually or in groups – to achieve pragmatic, transformational changes that profoundly alter the way they work and live.

Malcolm’s approach has been described as ‘engaging – yet ruthlessly results orientated!’ Combining 11 years experience coaching at the top, world class qualifications, pragmatism and the ability to galvanise people into action helps make his approach unique!

He provides a range of approaches that are:-

  • Designed to maximize human potential

  • Behaviorally based, influencing how a person, no matter how successful, sees, thinks and feels about themselves

  • Greater in impact on performance than simply working on skills or competencies
  • The changes that matter most, which are invariably changes in perception rather than changes in the world outside us

Sectors within which he has coached include financial services, outsourced government services, entertainment, logistics and professional sports people. He has worked with male and female executives facing changing organizational cultures, with increasing complexity and need to deliver extraordinary business results.

Some Testimonials:

“…created a step change in personal effectiveness and contribution”

“Challenged my assumptions about myself and my embedded behaviors”

“Boosted my self esteem and confidence and assisted me greatly in delivering results, which in turn has enabled me to move on to achieve a position which I could not have imagined would be possible”

Among other successes he has been credited with enabling a promotion to a main board plc role, another to a global leadership role, enabling people to head off burn out, to decide career direction, creating better leadership profiles and working with and challenging a sales team that grew the business from a £200M turnover (revenue) to a £400M turnover (revenue) business.

Development and Team Building

As well as one to one coaching, Malcolm has been engaged by organizations to provide:-

  • stand up program delivery (using either scripted or facilitative approaches)
  • Team Building for boards and management teams
  • developed a Cultural Change program and follow up for a major rental business
  • created a Leader As Coach program plus follow up to ensure leaders implement a coaching approach
  • he has also co-delivered program to UK Olympic coaches

Malcolm is based in Shepperton, Middlesex, UK where he also lives with his wife and three children.

What makes him different to other coaches?
A quotation from a client who has worked with him personally and who has recommended him frequently to his organization sums this up:-

‘Malcolm is the man I turn to when all others have failed or where the development need or change in behavior required is more fundamental – more than just a bit of self awareness or the development of a wider range of influencing styles. Malcolm is there for when you want people “moved” in a way which unfreezes their behavior and then resets them on a completely different and much more helpful course. His approach is able to tackle unhelpful behaviors in people that have been blocking that individual for years and to which they have a huge blind spot. He seems to be able to come in at a different angle to others who call themselves ‘coaches’, and I have seen him alter people in a hard wiring rather than intellectual way.

People are used to the concept of coaching these days, and to playing the game. Malcolm gets to the fundamentals quickly and achieves meaningful change. That’s why I like him.’

Source: HR Director, £2.1Bn t/o international business. Name available on application.

Pete Meldrum

Co-founder Outcomes

March 26, 1946 – March 2, 2009

Pete initiated the idea of working together to create a coaching company. He was an insightful coach, a trusted business partner, a giving person, and a wonderful fun-loving friend. He is missed by people around the globe.

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