Stop Procrastinating. Start Doing. Take 5 Minutes Now.

Stop Procratinating. Start Doing. Now.

Take 5 Minutes to Start Getting what you Want.

No matter what happens this year what is the one thing that you will absolutely make sure you accomplish? The one thing that will make you better, healthier, safer or more fulfilled. We all have something that we want for ourselves. It could be something we know is holding us back or making us less effective or something we know others see as a weakness in us. It may be something we have always dreamed about or something that every year we say we are going to change or it might be something that is always lingering in the back of our mind. I can think of 3 things right now. I bet you can too. Pick one. Start today.

It could be:

  • to live healthier
  • understand the other person’s perspective
  • be more assertive in meetings (you know which ones)
  • be less reactionary
  • be more strategic
  • learn something new
  • get a hobby (get a life?)
  • raise your profile
  • rejuvenate your career
  • get more balance in your life
  • get more organized

It can be anything big or small that will improve your life and/or make you better at what you do.

Sometimes it is the seemingly mundane activities that we overlook or avoid changing that will have the biggest impact on our behavior, satisfaction and success going forward. This first step can be the catalyst for big changes. You will look back and wonder what took so long and how glad you are you finally took action.

Start making that one thing happen today.

It Only Takes You 5 Minutes to Start Changing

  1. Write it down…now. Write it as if you have already accomplished it. “This year I ….(actively seek and listen to other’s opinions; run shorter meetings; delegate more authority and responsibility; hold a 1:1 development meeting with each direct report every month; reduced my travel by 25%; pro-actively interacted with those who are critical to my success (peers, bosses, board, clients, vendors). Studies show that merely writing something down multiplies your odds of actually achieving it.
  2. Imagine you are doing it. What does it look like? If you had an out of body experience and could watch yourself what would you observe? Jot down a short list of what you would observe. How are you acting? What is your body language, your facial expression, the tone of your voice? How are others reacting to you? Now go inside yourself. What are you feeling? Is this a good experience?
  3. First Steps. Decide now what you will do first to set this in motion. When, where and with whom will you start? You can start small, but start… sooner rather than later.
  4. Review what you did and what worked. What did you notice? What will you do differently next time? The beauty of this is that there is no pressure. You are in charge. Just keep doing it and refining it.
    Continue to keep this one thing top of mind. Every morning consciously think about it, what it looks like and how you look and feel doing it.
  5. Continue to remind yourself of it during the day. We act in accordance with what we think about the most. If you are seeking an opportunity to honk your horn on the way to work, then you will find lots of situations to warrant it. If you are thinking about ways to develop an employee then you will notice opportunities to do so.
  6. Repetition is the key to change. It is said that it takes 100 repetitions to change a habit or learn a new way of doing things. Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. As the Nike ad says, “Just do it!”

That’s it. I know it may sound too simplistic, not enough structure, detailed videos, fancy forms or charts, but it works….it works for busy executives who care about improving themselves.

Try it.

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