Who aren’t you firing and why haven’t you?

I was talking with some executive friends and we agreed, that on reflection, there were a few instances in our careers when we waited too long to fire someone.

Of course we had good reasons to delay the inevitable:

  • We needed to give them time to improve.

  • “They” say it is more costly to hire someone than to develop a current employee.
  • We would need to go through the pain of actually firing this person and finding and interviewing a replacement.
  • The thought of all that effort is numbing in the face of everything else I have on my plate.
  • Maybe we were overreacting or being too harsh
  • Some times a warm body is better than no body.
  • Maybe its was our fault. We didn’t give solid feedback and direction.

      Most of the time we are focused on making the business successful and handling short term urgent matters. It takes time to think through the process of evaluating and firing someone, not to mention handling the administrative stuff required to avoid law suits.

      It’s making you look bad

      The fact is you are not going to make a “C” player into an “A” player no matter how much time and money you spend. Most of this person’s co-workers are painfully aware of this sub-par performance and wonder what’s taking you so long to take action. Are you blind? Does this person have “pictures” or “recordings”? Is this a relative? Are you too soft? “It’s not fair. We work out butts off and they get a free pass.”

      Believe me they are talking about this behind your back.

      Plus this is weighing on your mind. You know you need to act and it hangs around in your subconscious and affects your ability to focus all of your brain power on the really important elements of your role.

      What to do if you are in this situation

      1.Recognize that this is a critical issue that is affecting the success of your business and the morale of your people. It is viral and detrimental.
      2.Together with HR decide that if you were to fire this person today what vital information would you need to have? What actions would you have wanted to have taken previously in order to make this decision and carry it out today?
      3.Put a date on your calendar when you will decide to fire or keep this person.
      4.Back track from that date and mark on your calendar each milestone.
      5.Start implementing those actions today.
      6.Ask your HR person to hold you accountable to your timetable.

      Think how much better you will feel knowing you have a plan and knowing you have made the right decision in a timely manner.

      Your employees will respect you….and maybe even thank you. Your boss will too.

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